Let's get something straight, I'm a fucking jerk. I am sitting here writing this with a shit load of porn on my computer, I'm talking gigs of porn, thousands of movies... and I didn't pay jack shit for it.  So, I'm only going to tell you this once, you never have to pay to get into porn sites... if you pay, you're either an idiot, or you're too damn lazy to find where the free porn is.  There are so many very good, FREE porn sites out there, that you should NEVER have to pay.  A lot of the free sites are even better than the expensive paysites that make you dish out $40, just to look at their members area, which ends up being pure shit half the time.  I say fuck paying for any porn on the internet.

Don't think I know what I'm talking about? Well I do.  I've been surfing porn sites since they came out in 1996.  Back then, I didn't have the privileges of getting porn for free... I had to spend $50 to get into those sites.  And you want to know how they were?  Pure fucking shit. They were collections of pixilated, grainy, shitty, low-quality pictures (they didn't even have movies then). I'm sure they just scanned magazines like playboy, then posted them on the internet, and made you pay.  All in all, they were reselling a bunch of pictures that weren't even theirs to begin with, not to mention everyone and their mom has already seen them.

My point is, after over 10 years, not much has changed in the online adult industry.  All these paysites make these big promises about how great their sites are and how great their porn is... until you actually pay to get inside and find out it's the same shit you've already seen a million times.  What is the fucking point of that?  I'm so sick of these people and I'm going to do something about it.  So, I'm going to say it one more time... You DON'T have to pay to get into porn sites!  Especially since many of the free sites out there are WAY BETTER than the expensive paysites... anyone who pays for porn, is a fucking idiot.
It's pretty fucking simple actually.  A couple years ago some smart porn site owners realized that people were so sick of joining these shitty paysites and feeling ripped off.  Of course these guys know that most paysites are pure shit.  They wanted to figure out a way to PROVE to you that their sites were high quality with porn you haven't seen a million times.

So here's what these porn site owners did.  In order to prove to us that their site wasn't the typical crap you always see, and to regain our trust... THEY DECIDED TO LET US IN FOR FREE!  That's all there is to it.  You don't have to be some nerdy computer hacker to get these passwords.  You just have to know which ones are actually free, and which ones aren't.  And that's where I come in.

Below is my list of sites that offer free passwords.  I have joined every single one of them and have never been charged a cent.  So I can honestly say from experience, that these sites don't fuck around.  Now that you know where to get porn for free, you guys better not pay to join all those shitty paysites out there!!!!

Don't be a Fucking Idiot!

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iFriends, the inventor of Free Lifetime Memberships, has been serving up webcams since 1998 and they do it like no other site can. These guys seriously have more chat hosts and members than any other site on the internet, and I'm going to tell you why.

It's really a love or hate relationship I with this website, I mean its packed full of porn... Over 500 million photos and videos to give you a rough figure on it and to top if off, to keep the party rocking, they have around 10 million members to their site. That's right there is enough to love the fuck out of the place for all eternity. Now to the bad news, its uglier than a pimped face fat bitch with a black eye. The site is still using its original design from 1998.. I mean come on with the internet over 10 years old and this website being around almost since the beginning, its time to spice things up a bit.. Why the hell haven't they had this site redone to look modern, yet still kick ass with all of its dominating porn archives and live chat hosts???

Now you're wondering, how the hell does iFriends work?? Out of those 10 million or so members roughly 400,000 of them are chat hosts themselves, meaning they are the people you come here to watch. Since they're so large to begin with, I'm sure you're coming to realize very quickly that also means they have the most live girls on at any given time. 3 am, noon, 10 pm whatever schedule you are on, there's a little hotty on iFriends who's ready and willing to strip down and play with that kitten for you as long as you got time to see!

As for the FREE LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP... I have been a member since 1999, and I've never had a single charge on my card. Not one cent in the 8 years I have been a member. Of course, they have some account upgrade options (that's how they make their money), but I've never upgraded and have never been charged. So it's up to you if you'd like to get more than free webcam shows.

To sum it up, iFriends along with being by far the largest free webcam site, they've always been keeping up with technology to maintain member happiness. What the fuck is that supposed to mean?? Well, this means all that HD porn you've been drooling about for the past several months... iFriends has more 1080i HD porn videos than any other site could even afford to pay for to put into their member's area.. They have all kinds of surveys on their chat hosts so you can really get to know that girl you've been watching masturbate for the past 30 minutes, personalized fan clubs for each chat host, on top of the largest porn archives out there.

Just for keeping their quantity and quality of porn above the rest, iFriends gets a 10 out of 10 rating, even if its ugly as fuck.

MY PERSONAL RATING:(10 out of 10)


Ok, so here are all of the paysites I could find with a free membership.  My little rule of thumb is, I won't list a site here unless I join it first and verify that it's free.  So I've joined every site below, downloaded a shit load of porn, and never got charged a cent.  There is pretty much every porn niche covered, so just find a site you like, and check it out.  All of the sites have good porn, some are even exclusive content, meaning you can't see the stuff anywhere else on the net.

I put my honest rating of the site below, based on a 1-10 scale.  I also tried to list the sites from best to worse, but they change so often, I decided not to keep up with it anymore.  Why?  Because I'm fucking lazy, that's why.  All I can say is, check out the sites below, enjoy the free pass... and load up your computer with porn like I do.

Farmer Sluts

Wow, now this site is fucking crazy. Dogs, horses, cows, oh my! This is some of the most unique porn in my collection.


Celebrity Orgy

I bet this site has been sued by celebrities many times, because they have every fucking sex tape out there.


FaceBook of Sex

This site is guaranteed to get you laid. All the hottest sluts are signed up here. This is FREE dating, no bullshit.


Devil Tube

You've heard of YouTube, well here it is for porn. There are so many videos here, you can even upload your own.


Raunchy Ex-Girlfriends

This is probably the best teen porn site on the internet, hands down. These videos are all insane! Check it out.


Lesbian Sex Flix

This site has a shit load of lesbian videos. They have basically every lesbo DVD ever made plus exclusive stuff.


Fuck My Mommy & Me

Watch these slutty moms show their daughters how to fuck! Tons of totally exclusive videos in this site. Must see!


Ebony Porno

Down with the ghetto booty? This site has more black ass than any other site I've been in.  Tons of content here.


Asian Pleasures

The mysteries of the East are revealed as the sluts on this site spread wide and take cock in each and every hole.


Totally Teens

Come and get these tight and horny teen sluts that are begging for hard cock! There are 1000's of vids & pics.


Willing Wives

I think this is the first site I've ever seen where MILFs are getting fucked in both holes. This is a great site.


XXX Porn Theater

If you're looking for movies, go here.  They have hundreds of thousands and they teach you how to burn them to DVD.


Deep Ass Sex

Ever hear a girl scream while her ass is being pounded? This site finds the biggest cocks and puts them deep in ass.


Big Tit Porn Vids

Here is the big tit wonderland you've been searching for. They have all high def big tit videos and pics to download.


House of Teens

What's more to say about this one?  A bunch of hot teen babes turned into sluts.  Their parents are proud of them.


Fat Cocks in Tiny Bitches

See these little petite girls get a huge cock stuffed in their pussy. Listen to them scream as they are stretched.


My Kinky Wife

There are so many movies and pics to download here, it's insane.  These wives are so fucking hot.  Must see site.


Lesbian Pink
Here is one of the best lesbian members areas I've ever seen. I think I've downloaded more from here than anywhere else.


Teen Sex Movies

All of the girls on this site are just barely 18 years old. They even show you their ID before they get fucked.


Desktop Vixens

This is a site that has everything. Finger fucking, lesbians, teens, couples and messy cumshots are all here.


Porn DVD Shack

If you want a massive amount of porn DVDs to watch for FREE then this is what you have been dreaming about.


Gangbang the Ho

One girl and ten guys equals a lot of fucking. This site has a shit ton of gangbang videos in high definition.


X Rated Hardcore Porn
If you're into really hardcore fucking (who isn't), then this is the site you need to be on. This shit they do is crazy.


Babysitter Fucked Dad

Don't you just love when the babysitter comes over looking all hot? Wonder what it would be like to fuck that pussy?


Black Cock White Snatch

These white sluts aren't satisfied unless they have their snatches filled with hard black cock. They crave BLACK COCK.


Hot Asian Cherry

God bless asian women.. I love em. These chicks are so hot and this site has so many movies and pictures.


All Asian Girls

Sexy Asian hotties are spreading their legs wide open for hardcore Asian sex and they do it all on camera for us.


She Likes Girls

Is there a man alive that doesn't get turned on by watching two hot women lick wet pussies? Tons of vids here.


Cock Suckers Gone Wild

This is the ultimate blowjob site. They have pretty much every cock sucking video ever made I think.


Coed Dorm Sex

See what these college sluts really do in their sorority house. I'll give you a hint, it's not studying.


End it With a Creampie

See a ton of sexy sluts get a huge cum load blown right inside their pussy... and sometimes their ass.


Chicks Love Anal
I think people lie when they say chicks don't like anal. Each and every one of these sluts take it in the ass.


My Buddy's MILF
Some teenagers have the hottest moms. Ever wish you could fuck your friend's mom? See what it's like.


Tight Anal Sluts

Hot girls that have never taken it in the ass before. After this site is done with them, I don't think they will ever again.


Fetish Hotel

Take a walk on the crazy side. Whatever your kink, there is a room in the Fetish Hotel to satisfy your fetish desires.


Sprayed in the Face

All the sluts in this site get a nice little cum makeover. There are tons of jizz spraying videos in here!


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